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10 Oddly Useful Specialty Web Browsers

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snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner looks beyond Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE to uncover 10 alternative browsers that offer specialized advantages for 3-D searching, social networking, easy scriptability, powerful page manipulation, and the like. Each provides a targeted browsing environment, enabling users to browse Web tables into spreadsheets, browse leaner, browser in text, browse socially, browse musically, or browse smarter on the Mac. ‘A purist might object that these hybrids are not much different from a standard browser with extra plug-ins. There’s some truth to this, but not always — some of the unique capabilities can only be done deep inside the software. In any case, the job of parsing the terms and creating an exact definition of the Web browser isn’t as much fun as embracing the idea that there are dozens of alternatives.’”

Source: 10 Oddly Useful Specialty Web Browsers

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