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Physicists Say Graphene Could Create Mass

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eldavojohn writes “Graphene has gotten a lot of press lately. The Nobel prize-winning, fastest-spinning, nanobubble-enhanced silicon replacement is theorized to have a new, more outlandish property. As reported by Technology Review’s Physics Blog, graphene should be able to create mass inside properly formed nanotubes. According to Abdulaziz Alhaidari’s calculations, if one were to roll up graphene into a nanotube, this could compactifiy dimensions (from the sheet’s two down to the tube’s one), and thus ‘the massless equations that describe the behavior of electrons and holes will change to include a term for mass. In effect, compactifying dimensions creates mass.’ What once would require a massive high-energy particle accelerator can now be tested with carbon, electricity, and wires, according to the recent paper.”

Source: Physicists Say Graphene Could Create Mass

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