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Microsoft To Launch New Online PC Game Store November 15

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Microsoft is adding another piece to the gaming puzzle with the forthcoming debut of an on-demand Web store for PC games dubbed Games For Windows Marketplace.

Launching November 15, Microsoft says the Games for Windows Marketplace will offer PC gamers a “robust lineup of games” and recurring specials such as Deal of the Week.

It names a few publishers on the landing page of the upcoming store, namely Microsoft Game Studios, 2K Games, Capcom, Rockstar and Warner Brothers. In the press release, it also names Square Enix and promises to retail new indie titles in addition.

Microsoft promises that the store will be optimized for speed, allowing for rapid obtaining and gameplay with fewer clicks to actual purchase and download. Gamers will be able to search for and download games on a PC, anytime, and redownload games they purchased at some point in the past if need be.

From the looks of it, you’ll need a (free) Xbox LIVE gamertag, Zune tag or Windows Live ID to purchase titles on the Games for Windows Marketplace. The new store also supports Microsoft Points as well as credit card purchasing.

The store will also feature promotions on select games every time they visit the Marketplace, combined with the “Deal of The Week” and other recurring and seasonal offers. To get a taste of what to expect: right now, the Deal of the Week on Gamesforwindows.com is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $3.75 (or 75% off).

Source: Microsoft To Launch New Online PC Game Store November 15

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