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Bicycle Thief Barred From Using Encryption

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An anonymous reader writes “A teenager found in possession of a stolen bicycle was given probation, with a whole bunch of computer-related restrictions. He wasn’t allowed to use social networks or instant messaging. He wasn’t allowed to use a computer that had ‘encryption, hacking, cracking, scanning, keystroke monitoring, security testing, steganography, Trojan or virus software.’ The kid appealed, noting that the restrictions on social networking seemed overly broad, and restricting him from using a computer with a virus was difficult since viruses and trojans and the like tend to try to stay hidden, so he might not know. While the court overturned the restrictions on social networking, and changed the terms of computer restrictions to include the word ‘knowingly,’ it did keep the restriction on against using any computer with encryption software. Remember, this isn’t someone convicted of malicious computer crimes, but of receiving a stolen bicycle. So why is perfectly reasonable encryption software not allowed? And what computer these days doesn’t have encryption software?”

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