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Google Demo Slam Hopes To Be American Idol For Tech Demos

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A couple days ago, we noted the existence of demoslam.com, a mysterious little website operated by Google. Since it only contained a temporary landing page powered by Flash, it was hard to tell exactly what it would be. But now we know. Starting today, Google Demo Slam will be a site used to showcase cool demos that people make using Google products and technology.

How exactly this will work is still a bit vague, but the company is promising that shortly we’ll be seeing some interesting demos live on the site. It’s “a place where boring tech demos become (hopefully) gotta-show-my-friends awesome — thanks to the creativity of Google users like you,” is how Google is selling it.

The overall idea is to have people submit their demos to this Demo Slam site, and each week a “Champ” will be chosen as voted on by the viewers. Every week this process will repeat itself. In other words, it’s sounds like they want this to be the American Idol for technology demos.

Google seems well aware that no one wants to watch tech demos, so the idea here it to emphasize some type of flare that make these things watchable. My guess would be that Google is hoping for something like the Arcade Fire project they made in August using HTML5.

Our hope is that the demos push the limits of Google tech in exciting and creative ways,” we’re told.

Source: Google Demo Slam Hopes To Be American Idol For Tech Demos

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