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Aol Mail Goes Down. No One Notices.

October 20th, 2010 10:41 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

In contrast to the Internet apocalypse that happens when Gmail goes down, Aol Mail has apparently been down for an hour today without much fanfare and nary a Twitter trending topic. Now let’s just see why that is …

Oh okay, according to Comscore, Gmail is about twice the size of Aol Mail (which is still nothing compared to Yahoo Mail at 94,603 unique visits a month) and the average age of an Aol mail user is 65 +, which might explain the lack of Twitter and Facebook buzz.

We’ve contacted our parent company for more info on the outage, and in the meantime you can follow @aolmail on Twitter for the latest updates on something that probably doesn’t pertain to you anyways.

Update: Just checked my (G)mail and found the following statement from Aol representative Kiersten Hollars, “It should be back up and we’re looking into the cause now.”

Source: Aol Mail Goes Down. No One Notices.

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