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AMD Demos Llano Fusion APU, Radeon 6800 Series

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MojoKid writes “At a press event for the impending launch of AMD’s new Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 series graphics cards, the company took the opportunity to provide an early look at the first, fully functional samples of their upcoming ‘Llano’ processor, or APU (Applications Processer Unit). For those unfamiliar with Llano, it’s 32nm ‘Fusion’ product that integrates CPU, GPU, and Northbridge functions on a single die. The chip is a low-power derivative of the company’s current Phenom II architecture fused with a GPU that will target a wide range of operating environments at speeds of 3GHz or higher. Test systems showed the integrated GPU had no trouble running Alien vs. Predator at a moderate resolution with DirectX 11 features enabled. In terms of the Radeon 6800 series, board shots have been unveiled today, as well as scenes from AMD’s upcoming tech demo, Mecha Warrior, showcasing the new graphics technology and advanced effects from the open source Bullet Physics library.”

Source: AMD Demos Llano Fusion APU, Radeon 6800 Series

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