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What If We Ran Universities Like Wikipedia?

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Pickens writes “Do university bureaucracies still make sense in the era of networks? At the recent Educause conference, David J. Staley laid out the findings of a focus group he conducted asking educators what a college would look like if it operated like Wikipedia. The ‘Wiki-ized University’ wouldn’t have formal admissions, says Staley; people could enter and exit as they wished and the university would consist of voluntary and self-organizing associations of teachers and students ‘not unlike the original idea for the university, in the Middle Ages.’ In addition, the curriculum of the ‘Wiki-ized University’ would be intellectually fluid, and instead of tenure, professors’ longevity ‘would be determined by the community.’ Staley predicts that a new form of academic organization is emerging that will be driven by volunteerism. ‘We do see some idea today of how “volunteer teaching” might look: think of the faculty at a place like the University of Phoenix. Most teaching faculty have day jobs — and in fact are hired because they have day jobs — and teach at the university for a nominal stipend,’ writes Staley. ‘If something like the Phoenix model is what develops in a wiki-ized university setting, this would suggest that a new type of “professorate” will emerge, consisting of those who teach or publish or conduct research for their own personal or professional satisfaction or for some other nonmonetized benefit.’”

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