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How To Tame the Social Network At Work

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snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Dan Tynan provides an in-depth report on how IT can tame social networking at work without shutting the organization off to the kinds of business opportunities today’s social networks present. ‘They’re a productivity sink and a bandwidth suck. They’re a vector for malware and a gift for corporate spies. They’re a data spill just waiting to happen. And like it or not, they’re already inside your enterprise,’ Tynan writes. ‘Most companies are in denial about how much their employees are using social nets, as well as what they can do to stop it.’ Worse, many are still balking at the fact that having a presence on social networks is rapidly becoming a requirement for doing business. Strict commonsense policies, next-generation firewalls, data leak prevention software — all can decrease your company’s exposure to the risks inherent in social networking while still enabling your company to solve problems, burnish its public image, recruit top talent, and generate ideas through social networks.”

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