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Rock Band Performs On New York Subway Using iPhones

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A New York City rock band “Atomic Tom” is in the news for turning to their iPhones for help after their instruments were allegedly stolen.

The members of the band hooked their iPhones to a portable speaker system and used various musical iPhone apps to play “Take Me Out” from their latest album on a New York City subway train.

While the lead vocalist uses the iPhone as a microphone, the other three members of the band use various musical iPhone apps simulating the piano, drums and guitar.

We've seen quite a few performances of bands using the iPhone but this is probably the best performance we've seen so far.

You can checkout the video of the iPhone rock band in action with their iPhones below:


It was also a very clever piece of viral marketing as the video has already been viewed 700k times since it was uploaded on YouTube.

What's your take? Tell us in the comments.

[Via The New York Times]

Source: Rock Band Performs On New York Subway Using iPhones

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