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Tablets Are Game-Changers For Special Needs Kids

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theodp writes “The rise of mainstream tablets is proving to have unforeseen benefits for children with speech and communication problems and may disrupt a business where specialized devices can cost thousands of dollars. iPad apps like Proloquo2Go ($189) aim to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, ALS, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, apraxia, and more. Even Steve Jobs didn’t see this one coming: ‘We take no credit for this, and that’s not our intention,’ said Jobs, who’s been touched by email he gets from parents of special needs kids for whom the iPad is proving to be a life-changer. ‘Our intention is to say something is going on here,’ Jobs added, suggesting that researchers should ‘take a look at this.’ Even though they might cost significantly less than dedicated devices, SUNY speech pathologist Andrea Abramovich explained Medicare doesn’t cover consumer tablets because they could be used for non-medical purposes.”

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