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So What If Google Does It?

October 16th, 2010 10:51 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

If the Google robocars have taught us anything it’s that no industry is immune to the rapidly encroaching search service’s clutches. Maps? Done. Mail? Done. Translation? Done. Social? In progress.

Is no startup safe from Google’s finger in every pot?

The folks at WhatIfGoogleDoesIt.com have decided to use crowdsourcing in order to at least give startup founders some verbal ammunition when the inevitable “What if Google does it?” question comes up during a VC pitch or demo. My favorite user-contributed answer so far, aside from the one above:

“Clearly, the appropriate response is to release an inferior and expensive product, then dump millions into advertising to make it look ubiquitous. That’s how Microsoft manages to compete, anyway.”


Source: So What If Google Does It?

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