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Huge Shocker- 3D TVs Not Selling

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itwbennett writes “It comes as no surprise to the vast majority of us who haven’t rushed out to buy a 3D TV, but according to a DisplaySearch report consumers aren’t doing their part to make 2010 the year of 3D TV, says blogger Peter Smith. And the stats are even worse than Smith imagined they’d be: ‘DisplaySearch estimates that 3.2 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2010 . Note that’s shipped, not sold. 3.2 million equates to 2% of all flat panel displays shipped (as far as I can ascertain, that’s worldwide shipments). So yeah, there are not many 3D TVs being shipped this year. But wait, that’s not the end of the bad news. In Western Europe (the only region where they offered this data point) sales of 3D glasses are less than 1 per 3D set sold. In other words, a lot of Western Europeans who buy a TV with 3D capability don’t even bother to buy the glasses to use that feature.’”

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