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Inside i/o Ventures: Tour The Central Perk For Code (TCTV)

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Cheesy 1990s sitcom reference aside, i/o Ventures‘ incubator space in San Francisco’s Mission District centers around the idea of community: The neighborhood community that drinks exotic lattes in the expansive Summit cafe, the network of young developers that rent desks on the other half of the ground floor, the startups in the i/o incubator program holding court on the top floor and the accomplished mentors who filter in and out of the building.

This is the house-slash-cafe that a handful of entrepreneurs built.

Founded by  Ashwin Navin (co-founder of BitTorrent), Jim Young (co-founder HotOrNot), Aber Whitcomb (former MySpace CTO) and Paul Bragiel (co-founder Meetro), the i/o Ventures program opened its doors in January and held its first Demo Day Tuesday evening. The program has come a long way since it began as a simple idea by Young to build a fun (Wifi-robust) cafe in San Francisco.

Navin and Bragiel gave us a full tour on Tuesday, it’s worth a look, see above.

Credit to TCTV’s John Murillo for his camera work.

Source: Inside i/o Ventures: Tour The Central Perk For Code (TCTV)

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