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Apple Gets Patent For ‘Anti-Sexting’ Technology For iPhone

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Anti-Sexting iPhone app

The US Patent and Trademark office has just approved an patent that Apple had submitted back in 2008. The patent is for something that is being describe as a “Text-based communication control for personal communication device”.

If you didn't understand the jargon, let us inform you that this is basically an application that would control the content of text messages arriving and going from your communication device like the iPhone.

Although it might be called whatever Apple has called it, lets face it, its basically an anti-sexting application. You know what we are on about, right? In the patent application, Apple adds that as of now there is no way to monitor and control text communication. This is a cause of concern for parents who have handed over phones to their kids and are worried about the kind of messages they receive or send.

As to how it works, well the patent application has detailed that as well. A parental control application, which uses the patent scans messages coming to the device and evaluates the text in the message.

After that, if it finds any “offensive” words – depending on the way it has been configured, it either alerts the administrator who has configured the application  or simply deletes the offending text and if needed, the entire message.

Anti-Sexting iPhone app

Apple believes that the feature could be used to not only to block objectionable text but can also be used in an educational environment to encourage proper spelling, grammar and punctuation based on the user's designated skill level. 

What do you think of the feature? Is it helpful or does it go too far?

[via TechCrunch]

Source: Apple Gets Patent For ‘Anti-Sexting’ Technology For iPhone

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