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Windows Phone 7: Solid Platform, Sorry Future

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Oh Microsoft. I feel for you. Windows Phone 7 might have been a huge hit. It might have been the true iPhone killer. It might have even become the dominant mobile platform. But it won’t. It’s an iOS, Android and BlackBerry world now and there isn’t room for anyone else.

It’s too bad, really. Windows Phone 7 looks great to me. I believe Microsoft really nailed the overall design philosophy behind it. Windows Phone 7 is about communication, not apps. That’s a key difference and one that I, as a Droid X owner, greatly appreciate and understand. This platform is in a way the Google of mobile OSs in that it wants you to get your information as quickly as possible. Awesome, but it’s still a few years too late.

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Source: Windows Phone 7: Solid Platform, Sorry Future

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