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There’s A Hall Of Fame For That: Introducing The App Hall Of Fame

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Impeccably timed with the news that apps have become as popular as news and sports broadcasts (thanks Flurry), the folks at 148Apps have taken a cue from the Baseball Hall of Fame and today launched the App Hall of Fame, which honors 12 of the very best applications each month, “no matter if they have sold 6 million or 600 copies.”

In the October 2010 inaugural class? From left to right Angry Birds from Rovio , Flight Control from Firemint?, Doodle Jump from Lima Sky?, Shazam from Shazam Entertainment?, Evernote from Evernote?, Plants vs. Zombies from PopCap Games?, Pandora Radio from Pandora Media?, Simplenote from Codality, Twitter from Twitter, Inc, Instapaper from Marco Arment?, Homerun Battle 3D from Com2uS?, and Fieldrunners from Subatomic Studios.

I pretty much agree with all these choices except for the ones I haven’t tried, like Homerun Battle 3D. However, the fact that Homerun Battle 3D is now in the App Hall Of Fame makes me more likely to try it, which I guess is the point of this endeavor in the first place.

From Jeff Scott, founder of 148 Apps,

“There are so many really fantastic applications that were released months ago yet we only seem to pay attention to the latest and greatest. These older apps and games are ones that users need to know about, but due to the constant deluge of new applications being released they may never discover these older gems.”

Selections were made by a committee of 47 app enthusiasts and industry influencers. While currently the App Hall of Fame only inducts iOS compatible apps, Scott plans on adding iPad applications by the end of the year and Android Apps by 2011.

Source: There’s A Hall Of Fame For That: Introducing The App Hall Of Fame

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