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Seeking Alpha Launches An “App Store” For Web-Based Investing Tools

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Stock market news and discussion site Seeking Alpha this morning debuted a suite of investing tools dubbed “Seeking Alpha Investing Applications” in an effort to help its community manage, track & analyze their investments on-site.

The new Investing Applications Store counts 27 third-party apps at launch. All of the tools presented by Seeking Alpha are web-based (but not mobile) which, when added to a user’s account, become part of his or her personalized experience across the entire site.

Seeking Alpha vets thousands of articles from financial bloggers, then edits, tags and organizes those articles and brings the top 25% to its audience via the SA site.

With the addition of the investing tools directory, investors can access applications to help them manage their portfolios, discover and research new investing ideas, and get in-depth analysis of stocks and ETFs.

The available applications cover a broad range of investment needs including equity research, stock screeners, portfolio management tools, fundamental data, charting, ETF analysis, asset allocation, alerts, company modeling, news and more. Apps are either free of charge, premium (with an average price of $15 per month) or freemium (premium with a free trial period).

Seeking Alpha has also launched an API, enabling third-party developers to get their financial applications in front of SA’s audience relatively quickly (devs get a standard 70% cut of the revenues). Seeking Alpha’s audience is quite sizeable, too – the site welcomes 3.5 million visitors per month, according to the company, and over 560,000 people have signed up to use the site to date.

Source: Seeking Alpha Launches An “App Store” For Web-Based Investing Tools

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