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Of 1.2 Billion Twitter Posts, 71% Are Ignored

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destinyland writes “1.2 billion Twitter ‘tweets’ were analyzed over two months by analytics company Sysomos, who concluded that a whopping 71% of them got no reaction whatsoever — no online responses, and no Twitter ‘retweets.’ ‘Only a small number of users actually have the ability to engage on Twitter in a significant way,’ the researchers conclude, noting that just 6% of Twitter’s status updates ever get retweeted (while 23% get a reply). And among those status updates, 85% have exactly one response, while only 1.53% of Twitter conversations are more than three levels deep — where a reply receives a response which then generates a second reply.” I am astounded by the claim that nearly three out of ten tweets actually do get any response.

Source: Of 1.2 Billion Twitter Posts, 71% Are Ignored

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