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Apple Fights Back Against Attack Of iPhone Clones

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iPhone 4 clones in China

The success of the iPhone has spawned the rise of several clones especially in countries like China where owning an original Apple device can be pretty expensive.

While most of these clones are simply cheap imitations, a recently launched knockoff comes with some level of ingenuity. This is the first iPhone 4 clone that we know of that incorporates a dual mobile OS.

This iPhone 4 clone runs on Windows 6.5 as well as Android 2.1 and comes with some interesting specifications including a 512MB RAM, a 5-Megapixel camera with auto-focus and a 3.6" WVGA capacitive touch screen display with multi-touch capabilities. The phone is reported to be available in the Chinese gray market at a price of RMB1800 ($257).

iPhone 4 clones in China

iPhone 4 clones in China

iPhone 4 clones in China

The launch of such clones is not exactly new. However, the timing is interesting considering Apple's recently found success in China. China Unicom, the company's carrier partner in the country had announced earlier this month that over 100,000 iPhone 4 units were sold within the first four days of launch. This is being seen as an indicator of the growing popularity of the iPhone in a country where Apple has not seen much success in the past.

Capitalizing on this new found popularity, Apple is now learned to be pursuing the Chinese customer quite aggressively. The company is now targeting local companies that produce iPhone clones in a bid to consolidate their own position. Jack Wong, the CEO of Meizu, a Chinese company famous for its iPhone clone M8 has revealed that his company shall be halting the sale of their smartphone following "unreasonable negotiation tactics" on the part of Apple lawyers. Apple, it is learned, has stepped up its efforts to enforce its patents in China with the help of the country's Intellectual Property Office. Wong has also noted that the manufacture of their next-generation M9 smartphone could be delayed if the Chinese government forces a shut-down of their factories.

iPhone 4 clones in China

The news underlines the growing importance of China as a market for Apple. What do you make of this? Do you think Apple's push towards patent enforcement shall reduce the number of iPhone clones sold in China? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Source: Apple Fights Back Against Attack Of iPhone Clones

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