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Verizon Preparing Its Network For The Arrival Of CDMA iPhone

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It was just yesterday that we heard about the news regarding the possibility of Apple prepping a CDMA version of the iPhone for Verizon by 2011.

The story, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal has since then been updated with new information. The initial article on WSJ did not clearly say that the CDMA iPhone was indeed arriving on the Verizon network. That has since then been changed to say conclusively that Verizon indeed, is the network in question.

The updated article also states that Verizon is in talks with Apple regarding the upgradation of its network capacity to meet the possible surge in the demand for the iPhone – when it arrives on the network. AT&T, the network on which the iPhone is currently sold has faced considerable flak from consumers when its networks couldn’t cope with the heavy traffic caused by iPhone users. 

The talks between the two has also veered on to services and Verizon has categorically told Apple that they would not stop selling music through its own service – the VCAST – even after the iPhone arrives on the network. Verizon had placed a similar demand when the first Android devices arrived on the network. 

As of today, the VCAST application continues to work alongside the Android Market on devices locked to Verizon. What is unclear is whether Apple has agreed to Verizon's demands. 

Another thing that could be expected are tiered data plans as opposed to unlimited data plans just like AT&T. 

Meanwhile, Macworld reports that President and COO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, told attendees at the CTIA conference in San Francisco that if Verizon were to get the iPhone, the announcement would come from Apple.

He also went on to add:

“What I’ve always said is I expect at some point in time our business interests are going to align. I think things like LTE are another great reason why they’d want a device or tablet on that network. But I don’t have anything to say today about timing."

Most of our readers are eagerly waiting for Verizon to offer the iPhone, either to jump ship due to AT&T's poor network coverage in their area or they're hoping that competition from Verizon would force AT&T to bring down prices of the data plans or at least increase the data limits. How about you? Tell us in the comments. 

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Source: Verizon Preparing Its Network For The Arrival Of CDMA iPhone

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