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French ISP Refuses To Send Out Infringement Notices

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An anonymous reader writes “Last month it was clear that French ISPs were not at all happy about the whole three strikes Hadopi process in France. Now that the ‘notice’ process has started, with Hadopi sending out notices to 10,000 people per day, it’s hit a bit of a stumbling block. The French ISP named ‘Free’ has apparently figured out a bit of a loophole that allows it to not send out notices and protect its subscribers. Specifically, the law requires ISPs to reveal user info to Hadopi, but it does not require them to alert their users. But, the law does say that only users who are alerted by their ISP can be taken to court to be disconnected. In other words, even if Free is handing over user info, so long as it doesn’t alert its users (which the law does not mandate), then those users cannot be kicked off the internet via Hadopi.”

Source: French ISP Refuses To Send Out Infringement Notices

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