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Facebook Implements ‘Download Your Profile’ Option

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eldavojohn writes “Facebook is rolling out some new changes (including groups) that are supposed to liberate user control. But something that might interest Slashdot readers even more is that they now allow you to download all your information from Facebook. That’s everything, all your posts, pictures, videos, friend lists, etc. A video from David of the Open Source team at Facebook explains how it will work although I don’t see that option on my profile yet (they are slowly rolling it out). There’s not a lot of details it but they at least require you to click a link from an e-mail and reenter your password to get this (to avoid spambots harvesting everyone’s data and careless use of public computers resulting in data leaks). Perhaps competitors like Diaspora would be interested in using this base information to germinate user seeds?”

Source: Facebook Implements ‘Download Your Profile’ Option

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