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Apple Starts Selling iPhone 4 Bumpers Again

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iPhone 4 retina display analysis

Apple had announced on September 10th that it will be discontinuing its free iPhone 4 case program after September 30th.

Not surprisingly, the iPhone 4 bumper cases that were unavailable in Apple's Retail and Online stores during the program, first made their silent comeback to the retail stores on October 1. 

Macrumors has just reported that they're also available on Apple's Online store.

Back in July, Apple had announced at the special press conference held last weekthat it will give free cases to all iPhone 4 customers to address concerns raised by iPhone 4 users about its antenna issue.

But in September, Apple decided to discontinue the program as it believed that iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than it originally thought.

We had heard some reports that Apple had started selling iPhone 4 bumpers in its Retail stores from October 1. They're now available even on Apple's Online store.

iPhone 4 retina display analysis

The Bumper cases are available in all the six original colors and are priced at $29 each. They will ship within 24 hours after you order it.

So will you be buying a Bumper case for your new iPhone 4?

[Via MacRumors]


Source: Apple Starts Selling iPhone 4 Bumpers Again

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