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IBM High School To Churn Out IT Pros

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theodp writes “This week, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the City University of New York and IBM are creating a computer science-focused school in the city that will span grades 9-14 (students leave with an associate’s degree). Graduates who pass muster will reportedly be first in line for jobs at IBM. ‘The idea is to create a new [educational] model for science, technology, engineering, and math — areas where companies are aggressively hiring,’ explained IBM’s Stanley Litow. ‘If you look at hiring requirements, you won’t see a huge amount of difference in a lot of entry-level IT jobs.’ No word yet on the school colors or whether a uniform will be required. IBM is giving the city $250,000 to create the school, which might have looked pretty generous if that Zuckerberg kid hadn’t upped the ante with his $100,000,000 donation.”

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