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Could Anti-Texting Laws Make Roads More Dangerous?

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An anonymous reader writes “A new study has found that various state laws that ban texting while driving might actually make the roads more dangerous. If that seems counterintuitive, it’s the laws of unintended consequences at work. The theory is that the laws don’t do much to stop people from texting while driving — but instead, leads them to try to hide the activity more. That is, they end up trying to text with the phone held lower down to avoid it being detected. But, of course, that also takes their eyes even further off the road. The study itself looked at texting-related accidents both before and after 4 different states implemented such laws, and also compared them to neighboring states with no such laws. The results suggest the laws certainly don’t help and in some cases appeared to make the situation worse. So if the laws don’t work, what is a better solution to preventing texting while driving accidents?”

Source: Could Anti-Texting Laws Make Roads More Dangerous?

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  • Q Benedikt

    Who did the study? I am surprised since when I teach the students all touchtype text with their phones under their desk and have no problems.


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