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Android Software Piracy Rampant

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bednarz writes “Pirating Android apps is a longstanding problem. But it seems to be getting worse, even as Google begins to respond much more aggressively. The dilemma: protecting developers’ investments, and revenue stream, while keeping an open platform. Some have argued that piracy is rampant in those countries where the online Android Market is not yet available. But a recent KeyesLabs research project suggests that may not be true: ‘Over the course of 90 days, the [KeyesLabs] app was installed a total of 8,659 times. Of those installations only 2,831 were legitimate purchases, representing an overall piracy rate of over 67%…. The largest contributor to piracy, by far, is the United States providing 4,054 or about 70% of all pirated installations…’”

Source: Android Software Piracy Rampant

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