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AMD Offers Women Geek Dating Advice

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Blacklaw writes “It appears AMD has decided branch out from integrated circuits and enter the romance market with a handy guide for girls to land themselves a geeky guy. From the article: ‘In a blog post written by Leslie Sobon, the company’s vice president of marketing, Sobon describes her life in the largely male-dominated world of technology as being “mostly surrounded by guys all day,” but says: “I can tell you that – in general – technical guys are pretty cool,” and offers advice on how girls can land a geek guy. Although clearly meant in a lighthearted way, Sobon’s missive serves to patronize both her company’s customers – who, we learn, are socially inept and bad dressers – and women, who apparently can’t understand technology and need to find a nice man who can “fix the TV, your PC, and the sprinkler system” along with other magical items far too complex for the poor female brain to comprehend.’”

Source: AMD Offers Women Geek Dating Advice

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