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YouTube Wins vs. Telecinco In Spain

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eldavojohn writes “A Spanish judge has dismissed a case brought against YouTube by Spanish television station Telecinco for violating Telecinco’s intellectual property. The ruling reads in part: ‘YouTube is not a supplier of content and therefore has no obligation to control ex-ante the illegality of those. Its only obligation is to cooperate with the holders of the rights in order to immediately withdraw the content once the infraction is identified.’ Telecinco brought the case against YouTube when it found that episodes of its television programs were turning up on YouTube prior to their official air and release date on their television channel. Things are looking up for Google’s video service as YouTube was granted safe harbor from Viacom earlier this year in the United States. You can find an official response from Google on their EU Policy Blog.”

Source: YouTube Wins vs. Telecinco In Spain

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