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The Surprising Statistics Behind Flash and Apple

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Barence writes “PC Pro’s Tom Arah has dug up some statistics that cast severe doubt over Steve Jobs’ assertion that Flash is the technology of the past, and Apple’s iOS is the platform of the future. He quibbles with Net Applications’ assertion that iOS growth is ‘massive,’ considering that mobile accounts for only 2.6% of web views, and the iOS share stands at only 1.1%. By comparison, Silverlight penetration now stands at 51% while 97% of web surfers have Flash installed, according to Stat Owl. ‘At least when Bill Gates held the web to ransom he had the decency to first establish a dominant position,’ Arah claims. ‘In Steve Jobs’ case, with only 1.1% market share, the would-be emperor isn’t even wearing any clothes.’”

Source: The Surprising Statistics Behind Flash and Apple

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