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Stuxnet Worm May Have Targeted Iranian Reactor

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yuna49 writes “Analysis of the Stuxnet worm suggests its target might have been Iran’s nuclear program. “Last week Ralph Langner, a well-respected expert on industrial systems security, published an analysis of the Stuxnet worm, which targets Siemens software systems, and suggested that it may have been used to sabotage Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor. A Siemens expert, Langner simulated a Siemens industrial network and then analyzed the worm’s attack. Experts had first thought that Stuxnet was written to steal industrial secrets, but Langner found something quite different. The worm actually looks for very specific Siemens settings — a kind of fingerprint that tells it that it has been installed on a very specific Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) device — and then it injects its own code into that system.”

Source: Stuxnet Worm May Have Targeted Iranian Reactor

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