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ZoneAlarm Employs Scare Tactics Against Its Users

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snydeq writes “Check Point Software appears to be ripping a page from the ‘scum it claims to fight,’ running a scare-tactic warning dialog to frighten users into upgrading to a paid version of the company’s ZoneAlarm firewall product. Preying on fears of ZeuS.Zbot, the Check Point warning dialog tells users their PCs ‘may be in danger’ without having found ZeuS.Zbot, nor having checked to see whether you’re running an antivirus product. ‘The program doesn’t care if you’re infected with ZeuS.Zbot, or if you have protection in place. It just wants to sell you an upgrade to the firewall that may or may not detect future ZeuS.Zbot variants’ activities — some day.’ Check Point’s customers have inundated the ZoneAlarm forums with complaints.”

Source: ZoneAlarm Employs Scare Tactics Against Its Users

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