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Swedish Pirate Party Fails To Enter Parliament

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pickens writes “TorrentFreak reports that with 95 percent of the votes counted it is clear that the Pirate Party will not enter the Swedish Parliament. The Party is currently stuck at about 1 percent of the total vote, nowhere near the 4 percent threshold it needs. This means that neither Wikileaks nor The Pirate Bay will be hosted under Parliamentary immunity and the Party won’t get the chance to legalize non-commercial file-sharing or criminalize “copyright abuse” as they planned. “The Swedish Pirate Party did its best election campaign ever. We had more media, more articles, more debates, more handed-out flyers than ever. Unfortunately, the wind was not in our sails this time, as it was with the European elections,” says party leader Rick Falkvinge. The party will now have to wait four more years before they have another shot at entering the Swedish Parliament. “Each generation must reconquer democracy,” adds Falkvinge. “Nobody said it was going to be an easy fight.”"

Source: Swedish Pirate Party Fails To Enter Parliament

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