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FunLoft reactive, concurrent programming language

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in the department of yet-another-take-on-reining-in-concurrency-for-mere-mortals, the FunLoft programming language (“Functional Language over Fair Threads”) from those braininacs at inria:

FunLoft is an experimental language for concurrent programming, designed with the following objectives:

* make concurrent programming simpler by providing a framework with a clear and sound semantics.

* provide a safe language, in which, for example, data-races are impossible.

* control the use of resources (CPU and memory); for example, memory leaks cannot occur in FunLoft programs, which always react in finite time.

* have an efficient implementation which can deal with large numbers of concurrent components.

* benefit from the real parallelism offered by multicore machines.

FunLoft is safe. In particular, a static analysis ensures that programs are free from data-races and from memory leaks. More specifically, there always exists a bound on the memory used by any program: if the available memory is larger than the bound, no out-of-memory error can occur. The system does not compute the actual value of the bound, but only test for its existence.

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