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Fortifying Macros

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Fortifying Macros. Ryan Culpepper, Matthias Felleisen, ICFP 2010.

Existing macro systems force programmers to make a choice between clarity of specification and robustness. If they choose clarity, they must forgo validating significant parts of the specification and thus produce low-quality language extensions. If they choose robustness, they must write in a style that mingles the implementation with the specification and therefore obscures the latter. This paper introduces a new language for writing macros. With the new macro system, programmers naturally write robust language extensions using easy-to-understand specifications. The system translates these specifications into validators that detect misuses—including violations of context-sensitive constraints—and automatically synthesize appropriate feedback, eliminating the need for ad hoc validation code.

Presents syntax-parse, which seems like a truly great advancement over existing macro writing facilities.

Source: Fortifying Macros

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