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Sony Has Lost the PS3 Hacking War

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YokimaSun writes “Sony may have dealt a major blow to the PSjailbreak sellers, but the release last week of PSGroove, an open source version of the hack, has now opened the floodgates of ports to mobile phones such as the Nokia N900 and Palm Pre. The final kick in the teeth is that a port of the exploit has been released by Waninkoko of Wii custom firmware fame for the Dingoo Handheld, which is a homebrew console that is very popular amongst emulation fans. It makes you smile that you can use one homebrew console to hack another to get homebrew on that console. Awesome.”
pudge notes that you can apparently do the same with a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator (YouTube video).

Source: Sony Has Lost the PS3 Hacking War

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