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American Business Embraces ‘Gamification’

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Hugh Pickens writes “JP Mangalindan writes that for years psychologists have studied what makes video games so engrossing — why do players spend hours accruing virtual points working towards intangible rewards and what characteristics make some games more addictive than others? Now, companies are realizing that ‘gamification’ — using the same mechanics that hook gamers — is an effective way to generate business. For example, when Nike released Nike + in 2008, it ‘gamified’ exercise. ‘Place the pedometer in a pair of (Nike) sneaks and it monitors distance, pace and calories burned, transmitting that data to the user’s iPod. The Nike software loaded on the iPod will then “reward” users if they reach a milestone,’ writes Mangalindan. ‘If a runner beats his 5-mile distance record, an audio clip from Tour de France cycling champ Lance Armstrong congratulates him.’ In addition, users can upload their information, discuss achievements online with other users, and challenge them to distance or speed competitions. The result: to date, Nike has moved well over 1.3 million Nike + units.”

Source: American Business Embraces ‘Gamification’

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