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UN Tech Group Finds Most Expensive Broadband

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destinyland writes “In the Central African Republic, broadband internet service costs 3891% of the average monthly income. ‘Put another way, a month’s broadband service costs more than three years’ average wages in the country,’ notes one technology blog, ‘compared with less than two hours’ earnings in Macau.’ A United Nations’ technology group released the figures in a new report in advance of a September 19 summit on the digital divide in developing countries. (‘We are trying to avoid a broadband divide,’ said Dr. Hamadoun Toure, the secretary general of the UN’s International Telecommunications Union.) Their agency noted that the rate for broadband penetration is below 1% in many poor countries, with monthly costs higher than the average monthly income. ‘By contrast,’ notes the BBC, ‘in the world’s most developed economies, around 30% of people have access to broadband at a cost of less than 1% of their income.’ And the report also estimates that there are 5 billion cellphones in the world — though some people may own more than one.”

Source: UN Tech Group Finds Most Expensive Broadband

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