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Major Battle Brewing Between French Gov’t and ISPs

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Dangerous_Minds writes “Drew Wilson has been following HADOPI (France’s three strikes law) a lot lately, and the latest developments are that the French ISPs and the French government are edging closer to a full-on war over compensation. The French government apparently requested that ISPs send an invoice of the bills after a certain period of time, but the French ISPs don’t feel this is good enough — probably because of worries that the compensation the government will ultimately provide won’t be enough. The ISPs are demanding adequate compensation, and if the government doesn’t give it to them, they simply will not hand over evidence required to enforce HADOPI law. While HADOPI demands that ISPs cooperate, speculation suggests that if the government takes ISPs to court, the ISPs will simply rely on constitutional jurisprudence to shield them from liability (translation).”

Source: Major Battle Brewing Between French Gov’t and ISPs

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