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HP Backs Memristor Mass Production

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neo12 writes with news that Hewlett-Packard is teaming with Hynix Semiconductor, the world’s second-largest producer of memory chips, to mass produce memristors for the first time. Quoting the BBC:
“HP says the first memristors should be widely available in about three years. The devices started as a theoretical prediction in 1971 but HP’s demonstration and publication of a real working device has put them on a possible roadmap to replace memory chips or even hard drives. … Steve Furber, professor of computer engineering at the University of Manchester, explained that the potential benefits lie in the fact that memristors are ‘much simpler in principle than transistors. Because they are formed as a film between two wires, they don’t have to be implanted into the silicon surface — as do transistors, which form the storage locations in Flash — so they could be built in layers in 3D,’ he told BBC News. ‘Of course, the devil is in the detail, and I don’t think the manufacturing challenges have been fully exposed yet.’”

Source: HP Backs Memristor Mass Production

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