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Brazil Considering Legalizing File Sharing

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An anonymous reader writes “It looks like Brazil may be the country to watch if you’re interested in much more consumer-friendly copyright laws (assuming US diplomatic pressure doesn’t interfere). As that country goes through a copyright reform process, among the proposals is one that would create fines not just for infringing, but also for hindering fair use and the public domain. Also, there is a big push underway, with widespread support — even from some artists groups — to legalize file sharing in exchange for a small levy (~$1.74/month) on your broadband connection. Of course, one reason why Brazil may be doing it this way is because of the massive success the Brazilian musical genre technobrega has had by embracing file sharing as a way to promote new works, and making money (often lots of it) through other avenues, like live shows.”

Source: Brazil Considering Legalizing File Sharing

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