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Google Releases Chrome 6, Pays $4337 In Bounties

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Trailrunner7 writes “Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser and has included more than a dozen security fixes in the update. The new version, 6.0.472.53, was released two years to the day after the company pushed out the first version of Chrome. Google Chrome 6 includes patches for 14 total security vulnerabilities, including six high-priority flaws, and the company paid out a total of $4,337 in bug bounties to researchers who reported the vulnerabilities. A number of the flaws that didn’t qualify for bug bounties were discovered by members of Google’s internal security team.” (Read on for more, below.)

Also on the Chrome front, morsch writes “Chrome 7 for Linux is planned to tie in with the Gnome Keyring and the KDE Wallet to securely store saved browser passwords. Users of the stable version of Google’s Webkit-based browser might be surprised to find out that, so far, passwords are stored on the hard disk as clear text. On Windows, Chrome has always used a platform-specific crypto API call for encrypted storage. The corresponding Linux function was never implemented — until now. Unstable versions of Chrome 7 still disable the feature by default; it can be enabled using a parameter.”

Source: Google Releases Chrome 6, Pays $4337 In Bounties

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