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Tech’s Dark Secret, It’s All About Age

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theodp writes “Universities really should tell engineering students what to expect in the long term and how to manage their technical careers. Citing ex-Microsoft CTO David Vaskevitch’s belief that younger workers have more energy and are sometimes more creative, Wadwha warns that reports of ageism’s death have been greatly exaggerated. While encouraging managers to consider the value of the experience older techies bring, Wadwha also offers some get-real advice to those whose hair is beginning to grey: 1) Move up the ladder into management, architecture, or design; switch to sales or product management; jump ship and become an entrepreneur. 2) If you’re going to stay in programming, realize that the deck is stacked against you, so be prepared to earn less as you gain experience. 3) Keep your skills current — to be coding for a living when you’re 50, you’ll need to be able to out-code the new kids on the block. Wadwha’s piece strikes a chord with 50-something Dave Winer, who calls the rampant ageism ‘really f***ed up,’ adding that, ‘It’s probably the reason why we keep going around in the same loops over and over, because we chuck our experience, wholesale, every ten years or so.’”

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