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How To Make Authentic Lightsabers

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IQpierce writes “My good friend Bradley W. Lewis has set up a site for his hobby: building replica lightsabers at home. These aren’t your average cheap pieces of plastic, in fact they’re more authentic than the Master Replica sabers: Brad tracks down the pieces of equipment actually used to build the original props — or, when they’re unavailable, very close replicas, that he further customizes with a metal lathe in his garage — and puts them together with loving attention. My favorite part is the embellishments he does add, on the inside of the saber — his replica of Luke’s saber from ANH can be opened to see authentic-looking internals such as a glowing crystal (as well as another surprise — an autograph from Luke himself, Mark Hamill). Each project is documented step-by-step with hundreds of photos — whether you’re a hobbyist, or just a big Star Wars geek like me, you’ll find it interesting.”

Source: How To Make Authentic Lightsabers

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