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Sony Continues To Lose Ground In Mobile Gaming

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donniebaseball23 sends this quote from an opinion piece at Industry Gamers:
“On Monday, news came down the pipeline from SCEE president Andrew House that Sony wants to focus on a younger audience for the PSP with future titles. My immediate reaction was one of shock and confusion. After all, in an interview with IndustryGamers at E3, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime noted that, ‘the way I would describe the market for the Nintendo 3DS would be the launch market that we had with the Nintendo DS plus the launch market that maybe PSP had.’ When your primary competitor is looking to the exact market that you’ve catered to, why would you abandon that market? There was a time when Sony Computer Entertainment was a trailblazer, bringing things to the industry ahead of everyone else. Nowadays, however, it seems that Sony is content to merely fall in step behind everyone else and simply try hard to not fall too far behind.”

Source: Sony Continues To Lose Ground In Mobile Gaming

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