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Apple’s App Store Crosses Quarter Million Apps Milestone

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App Store Mileston

It has just been over two years since the Apple App Store was launched and it is just amazing how fast it has grown. The App Store has crossed yet another milestone.

According to 148Apps, the App Store has passed the quarter million milestone on Friday.

Here are some interesting details about the App Store, which we like to take a look at when it crosses a major milestone:

  • There are 252,227 active apps on the App Store from 50,545 developers.

  • There are 24,334 apps that have been developed for the iPad, which was launched in April.

  • Books is the Top Category of apps on the App Store, accounting for 17.35% of the apps on the App Store followed by Games with 14.53% and Entertainment with 11.40%.

App Store Mileston

  • According to Pingdom, 70% of the apps on the App Store are paid apps.

App Store Mileston

  • The average price of an app is $2.91 while that for a game is $1.27. The average overall price is $2.67.

With more than 250,000 apps available on the App Store, Apple holds an advantage over its competition.  Android Market for example, has around 95,000 apps while BlackBerry App World is estimated to have about 9,000 apps.

It is amazing how fast the App Store has grown. But with the growing number of apps on the App Store, Apple faces a stiff challenge of making the discovery process easier.

As Dean Takahashi of Mobile Beat points out:

The App Store economy is going strong, but the abundance of apps highlights the problem of discovery. How can you find what you want in the App Store? You can look at the top 100 lists by categories. You can look for familiar brands among the apps. You can also click on the ads that recommend an app. Or you can ask your friends for recommendations. But other than that, finding a new app you like can be a pretty time-consuming endurance test. The problem is only getting worse as more app stores come online, from Google’s Android Market to Intel’s AppUp Center.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Source: Apple’s App Store Crosses Quarter Million Apps Milestone

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