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Persistent Home Videoconferencing Solution?

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An anonymous reader writes “I’m moving very soon for work, and will be several hundred miles away from my young family for six to nine months. Obviously I’ll travel back as often as possible, and there’s always Skype and XBLA video, but the whole ‘now it’s time to talk to dad’ thing seems … a little weak. I was wondering the Slashdot community could help me come up with a more persistent solution. Ideally what I want is an always-on connection between a pc/monitor/camera/speakers in my old kitchen and my new kitchen, so if we’re in the kitchens, we can see each other and interact semi-normally. (We’re a kitchen-focused family.) Most solutions I can find time out pretty quick, or require some knowledge on the part of the users, and the tech-savvy people are only gong to be in one kitchen, to put it politely!” (Read on for a few more details.)

“I do have a reasonable number of Windows PCs and Macs (and game consoles), but no alt. OS machines, so something for retail OSes would be better — I haven’t tested the PS3 camera for long durations, but I know the conferencing quality with a PS3 is pretty good, and that could be an option too. Any camera recommendations would be good. We have sweet access at our house, but it will need to be wireless to the kitchen from the router.”

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