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Duke Research Experiment Disrupts Internet Traffic

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alphadogg writes with this excerpt from Network World about an experiment gone wrong which affected a big chunk of internet traffic yesterday morning: “It was kicked off when RIPE NCC (Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre) and Duke ran an experiment that involved the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) — used by routers to know where to send their traffic on the Internet. RIPE started announcing BGP routes that were configured a little differently from normal because they used an experimental data format. RIPE’s data was soon passed from router to router on the Internet, and within minutes it became clear that this was causing problems. … [f]or a brief period Friday morning, about 1 percent of all the Internet’s traffic was affected by the snafu, as routers could not properly process the BGP routes they were being sent.”

Source: Duke Research Experiment Disrupts Internet Traffic

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