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State of Virginia Technology Centers Down

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bswooden writes “Some rather important departments (DMV, Social Services, Taxation) in the state of Virginia are currently without access to documents and information as a technology meltdown has caused much of their infrastructure to be offline for over 24 hours now. State CIO Sam Nixon said, ‘A failure occurred in one memory card in what is known as a “storage area network,” or SAN, at Virginia’s Information Technologies Agency (VITA) suburban Richmond computing center, one of several data storage systems across Virginia.’ How does the IT for some of the largest departments in a state come to a screeching halt over a single memory card? Oh, and also, the state is paying Northrup Grumman $2.4 billion over 10 years to manage the state’s IT infrastructure.”
Reader miller60 adds, “Virginia’s IT systems drew scrutiny last fall when state agencies reported rolling outages due to the lack of network redundancy.”

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