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Czech Copyright Bill Undercuts Copyleft, Artists

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Andorin writes “Earlier this month a copy of a draft of the Czech Republic’s new Copyright Act [Czech PDF] was leaked to Pirate News. Included among several disturbing provisions are new regulations for ‘public licenses’ such as Creative Commons licenses and the GPL/BSD licenses. The amendment essentially requires that an artist wishing to use a public license must notify the administrator of a collecting agency, and must prove that they created the work in question. This goes against one of the strengths of Creative Commons and other licenses, namely the ease with which they can be applied. Additionally, collecting agencies will have increased jurisdiction over copylefted and orphaned works. ZeroPaid covers the story, noting that the amendment also reduces the royalties which artists receive from libraries by 40%, with that money instead going directly to publishers.”

Source: Czech Copyright Bill Undercuts Copyleft, Artists

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